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I am a blankie girl. I still have my original blankie. It is almost 50 years old. It is on my bed. That being said, my favorite thing to make are blankets. My favorite quilting technique is rag edge. It is where the raw seam is clipped and when it is washed and dried the seams magically become ruffled! I mostly use 100% cotton flannel.  Over the last 10 years, I have made several thousand quilts. Most of these are the baby/lap quilts that I sell at craft shows. The size that I make most is 30” x 40”. They are the perfect size for little ones, adults to travel with, a lap blanket or a blanket for a beloved pet.

Lots of my customers tell me that I have a unique color sense. I guess that is what sets my flannel rag edge quilts apart from others. I love bright and fun quilts. I love to play with patterns, colors and prints.

I am an artist at heart. I think of each of my quilts as a little piece of portable and functional art. I make quilts that make me happy! I differ from others in that I will not put together a quilt that does not make me happy. People buy my quilts because they like my selections of color, patterns and themes.


All of my quilts are 100% cotton. The vast majority are 100% cotton flannel. Some of my quilts combine regular 100% cotton fabric with cotton flannel. My normal flannel rag edge quilts are 30" x 40". A nice size for both a crib or a lap blanket for anyone.


Need something larger? Or smaller? Or a special theme or colors? I would be glad to help you out!! Contact me!! Janice@2craftychix.com

Picture below are examples of my flannel rag edge quilts as well as samples of t-shirt memory quilts and king-size quilts that I have made.

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